Happy Anniversary Leelanau Montessori!

On January 9, 2019, Leelanau Montessori Public School Academy took up residence at the Connie Binsfeld Building/Resource Center in Lake Leelanau. This happened after a lengthy and time consuming process that the Eric Royston Foundations namesake played a large part.

Eric cutting the ribbon

Eric would brush off any accolades directed his way – most likely with a shrug and his smile we have missed since March. He would however without hesitation direct the attention to those who helped make it all possible.

Professionally, he would attribute success to his peers and the associated and seemingly endless conversations, meetings, road trips and other parts of the process – too many to list.

Personally, he would express gratitude to his family and friends. Particularly his immediate family who moved to Northern Michigan as he pursued his mission.

To his peers both near and far, thank you for influencing him. To his immediate family, the sacrifice to ensure this happened is something you should be proud of.

What a day to celebrate. Happy Anniversary Leelanau Montessori! Now onto year 2.