2020 Leland Public School Educational Expense Reimbursement

The Eric Royston Foundation would like to congratulate the 2020 Leland graduating class! We are pleased to announce all 2020 Leland Public School graduates are eligible to receive up to $100 to be used for tuition, fees, supplies or other educational related expenses. This is not limited to college or university expenses only but for any post high school educational expense.

The Eric Royston Foundation would like to thank the entire Leland HS class of 2020 particularly over the past 2 years. Your support, kindness and deep rooted loyalty to not only your classmates but your community and its members is unmatched. Your presence and your perseverance were felt and we will be forever grateful. As you venture out on the path you choose, remember one simple idea to always smile like Eric.

In order to apply for the remimbursement, please fill out the remimbursement form before November 1, 2020. All qualifying reimbursements will be provided by December 31, 2020.